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Creative Dance

Creative Dance


"Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people." Barbara Mettler

Freeform group dance sessions in South East London coming soon

Allow your body and mind to be transported by a sense of unity, creativity and freedom.

What is creative dance?

Creative dance is a form of expressive movement that emphasises individual self-expression, imagination, and personal interpretation. 

It prioritises freedom of movement and creativity over strict choreography, allowing dancers to explore their bodies, feelings, and ideas through movement.

Creative dance often involves improvisation, experimentation, and collaboration, fostering a sense of joy, spontaneity, and self-discovery in the participants.


⟡  Connect individually and socially

⟡ Improve self-esteem

⟡ Overcome loneliness and feelings of depression

⟡ Individual expression

⟡ Empowering

⟡ Enhance body awareness

⟡ Reduce stress levels

⟡ Unleash creativity

⟡ Embrace unity in diversity

What to expect?

⟡ 90 minutes of natural freeform body movement with music and rhythm

⟡ Guided sessions where the emphasis will be on the freedom of experiencing and expressing your own unique movements, letting the movement emerge naturally

⟡ We will let the movement unfold through the waves of silence and sound

Who can participate?

There are no age limits and participants can be completely new to dance. In fact, this is encouraged!

There are no age limits and participants can be completely new to dance. In fact, this is encouraged!

About me

Hello! I’m Barbara, a dedicated creative dance facilitator passionate about unleashing the transformative power of movement and self-expression within individuals and communities.

While traditional dance isn’t my background, I’m a designer deeply intrigued by holistic practices aimed at liberating the body and fostering connections, creativity, and freedom of being.

In today’s society, there’s a growing need to express ourselves authentically, free from judgment and societal expectations.

I believe in the power of creative dance as a tool to unleash creativity, deepen the connection with oneself, others, and the environment around us. In a natural way, without force, we simply follow the rhythm of our feelings, allowing us to tap into our authentic selves and surrender to it.


My aim

To facilitate creative dance workshops in a holistic method in response to chosen topics



Respect, inclusivity, non-judgmental space, privacy, sense of belonging, equity, positive social change


Participant engagement

Conscious presence, connection, curiosity of tapping into the unknown, celebration of the uniqueness of each individual, freedom in letting emerge feelings and movement. 

First event – Date and South East London venue TBC

First event – Date and South East London venue TBC